Brand Value

Quality, Reliability & Responsibility.


These are the same simple words that JSS Cotton was founded on more than 75 years ago and that JSS Almonds still relies upon as our core operating principles that enable the same high level of success to our growers and customers.


Our growers have been farming in the Southern San Joaquin Valley for multiple generations and understand the need for safe, quality almonds produced using sustainable agricultural practices that ensure success into the future.


JSS Almonds offers a full range of Inshell Almonds and Kernels to meet every customer’s requirements in both standard forms and quality levels as well as customer-specific specifications.


Due to our flexibility and customer focus, we are able to offer specific varieties that larger handlers are not willing to separate.


Our goal isn’t just to meet customer requirements, our goal is to delight our customers with personalized service and direct communication every step of the process.


We believe the principles of stewardship apply as fully to our business as they do to our soil. For this reason, we aim to provide premium quality and healthy food to our customer’s dining table. In every relationship developed, the mission of JSS Almonds is dedicated to exceed customer expectations through superior service and innovation.

Market Reach

JSS Almonds are in small local markets and the worlds largest branded products around the world.

Global Shipping

Global Shipping

We have experience shipping to every continent of the world. Well… with the small exception of the Antarctic!
30 Years Experience

30 Years Experience

We have more than 30 years of experience in marketing, selling, and creating almond products for and into every continent of the world.
First-hand Knowledge

First-hand Knowledge

Our first-hand knowledge of what’s happening in supply chains globally is used entirely for our customer’s gain and benefit.
Worldwide Products

Worldwide Products

Our almonds can be found worldwide as simple snacks, chocolate confections, ice cream delights, roasted and flavored in snack mixes, as a primary ingredient in bars, and in baked goods of all types.
New Products

New Products

More recently we’ve been used exciting new products such as almond beverages, non-dairy ice creams and yogurts, and as a high protein component of health powders.

Customer Service

Years of Experience

Our customer service team has years of experience shipping almonds to more than 70 countries and most major ports around the world.

Reliable Partners

We partner with the most reliable shipping and logistics partners to assure you a seamless and on time delivery of your precious cargo.

Top Performance

We understand the issues caused when primary raw ingredients are not available and our on-time performance is > 95% for the last 3 years straight.

Always Engaged

We stay engaged in the process till the goods are delivered to your doorstep and take a hands on approach to solving any issues that may arise.

Customer Focused

We’ve been known to catch a flight the same day to handle any situation quickly and personally when nothing else will do.


California’s almond trees store 30 million metric tons of carbon per year. That’s the same as a year of:

– Taking 24 million cars off the road.
– Grounding 3,134 Boeing 737s.
– Shutting down 29 coal-fired power plants.


We look to the future and continued optimization of the quality and minimization of cost of our internal operations through thorough analysis and the latest technologies applied only when there is a payback to our customers and our growers.


We are engaged with our upstream stakeholders, our growers and our huller/sheller partners to gain further efficiencies and quality in the processes that feed our factory.


We look upstream and see endless opportunities for future expansion into manufactured products as our customers demand them, and we can ensure a positive ROI for our owners.