Why choose JSS?

JSS Almonds is a grower and processor of whole and natural California almonds.


JSS Almonds is certified by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and we strive to produce the highest quality and food safe product for our customers, in order to provide the best return to our growers. As our grower, you have the opportunity to help us start with better quality to begin with.


At JSS Almonds we work hard to preserve the high quality supplied by our growers. We know how much hard work is put into each crop and want to work hard to maintain that and pass it on to our buyers. The below chart depicts the sizer input versus sizer output in a defect removal study conducted this year.





JSS Almonds serves over 15,000 acres and specializes in natural, whole, and brown skin almond processing. Our passion for our products is exemplified through teamwork, our culture of integrity, and our commitment to food safety.